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No matter what chapter on your journey you may find yourself in,
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I offer everything from Family & Maternity, to Newborn & Postpartum...and of course Birth Photography & Videography!
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Can you imagine a day more monumental, than the day you meet your baby for the first time?

I love giving the comparison of the importance of Birth Photography to the well known importance of wedding photography... We all want that day documented right? Of course! It holds tremendous emotional detail that you will want to look back on for the rest of your life.

The day you give birth to your child should hold the same, if not more importance! I always say, Give as much thought into planning your birth as you would your wedding!

The day you meet your baby holds emotion that you can not grasp until it's finally here. Its more than taking pictures...and spoiler alert


& unfortunately these moments can never be recreated

The day you give birth is riddled with emotion, strength, love, connection, power & undeniably important detail.

You wouldn't ask a friend to snap some pictures of your wedding on a cell phone would you?

Don't do the same with your birth story.

Hire someone that understands the importance of those once in a life time emotions, someone who looks for the hidden details you'll want to see later, someone who also knows & respects the birth space as well as values the importance of your experience... Just like when you hire a wedding photographer you trust to document your wedding day perfectly, that's exactly what a Birth Photographer does in a much more sacred space.

We care about every detail & it's not only our job to document them for you, its our passion!

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"A Photographer with a doula heart"

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Samantha Renee Birth Photography

Hello & Welcome
To say I have a passion for what I do would be an understatement. Not only have my own birth experiences led me into this beautiful work but so has being a mother in general. I watch my children grow at what feels like the speed of light & I want to document every chapter.
Regardless of which chapter you are on, every single one matters & holds significant love & memory.
From Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond I'd be honored to help you capture every detail in your story.

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Sam was my birth photographer and although my home birth didn’t happen as we’d hoped, Sam was ready to go with the flow. Despite having her own kids at home, she never hesitated to stick with us for as long as it would take. The images she captured are absolutely gorgeous and they’ll be something I treasure forever and I look forward to sharing with my little one when they’re old enough.